Women's Whole-y Healing 

Learn easy, low-cost ways to feel confident, see that number on the scale move in the right direction, stop the confusion and overwhelm about healthy food and exercise choices, and become more energized and clear-headed.

On this retreat, you will learn meal plans and how to cook so you don’t have to “cut out everything you enjoy”.  Even if you have Common Food Allergies or Sensitivities you can learn to eat healthy.  This is the easy and simple way to start loving your body and creating a healthy relationship with it.

This retreat includes interactive lessons and live practice.


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This full-day retreat will teach you how to master your mind around mealtime, build a solid routine of spiritual and physical self-care, and create genuine bonds with others on your health journey.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Learn how to make your healthy a priority.  Take a Live SoulCore Class instructed by Sue Soha, modified to challenge you where you are. 

Build Healthy Cooking Habits

Learn how to make your new simple meals that will nourish you, help you lose weight, and feel great.  Spend time cooking together and sharing what you made and have some healthy conversation about your food choices and meal-time routines.  

Experience Mindfulness and Centering Prayer 

Learn how to stay in the moment and spend time in silent prayer to strengthen your mind and soul and create healthy practices foryourself and with your Beloved Creator. 



Hi, I’m Sue. I am blessed to be a wife and the mother of three boys while doing what I love as a Physical Therapist and women’s wellness advocate! 

After my first son was born, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and adopted a gluten-free diet, but in my late 30s, found myself gaining weight and discovered how to eat a new way and exercise more efficiently, dropping 10% of my body fat and 4 dress sizes. In my late 40's I discovered how the autoimmune protocol could heal me from a second auto-immune disease so I no longer suffer from symptoms like brain fog, headaches, muscle/joint pain, skin rashes/blemishes, hair loss, fatigue, restless legs/cramps, insomnia, temperature dysregulation, and GI upset.

My lived experience of struggling with and overcoming disordered eating, perimenopausal weight gain, insulin resistance, and autoimmune diseases left me wanting to share with other women. 

It brings me great joy to journey alongside other women as I guide them to become Whole-y healed!


I am the founder of The Keto Shift 8-Week Course and The Whole-y Healed Community.  I love coaching women in transforming their health in a holistic, natural way addressing lifestyle, mindset, spirituality, and habits.  I will be leading SoulCore™ as a restorative spiritual and physical exercise as well as how to menu plan and prepare healthy and delicious meals that are typical while going through the 3 phases of the Keto Shift.  

Meet Your Speakers

Veronica Thompkins, 

Co-Founder and CMO of Good Kitchen and Market

After a lifetime of mysterious health conditions including a late-stage cancer diagnosis in her 40s, Veronica turned to food as medicine to restore her God-given immune system. Believing that the Lord uses all things for good - even cancer - she opened a nutrient-dense restaurant with her husband to share with others how food can be used for healing.  She will inspire us and give us hope that we can become Whole-y Healed Women! 

Mark Dannenfelser, MA, LPC

Mark is the founding director of the Mindfulness Center of Atlanta since 2009. He is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, a licensed professional counselor, and a registered yoga teacher. Mark is the Aquinas Center of Theology at Emory University commissioned lecturer on Centering Prayer.  He will be leading us on why it is important and how to be Mindful while Eating.

Maureen Ingalls, MTS

Maureen is married and has six adult children and 14 grandchildren. She has an MTS from Springhill College and has been a spiritual director for 16 years. She is a Lay Cistercian of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.  She will lead us through a Centering Prayer Exercise on Retreat to Nurture our souls.

"Sue became my PT, informal counselor, spiritual advisor, and confidant, and helped me to enjoy food (and life) again. [She] totally “got it” and helped me to heal completely (for good)!  It is within this context of self-discovery and healing that she [was] able to help those that have challenges of any sort; physical, emotional, or spiritual."

Elyzabeth B.

"Sue’s Keto Shift was just what I needed to kick-start my long-term weight loss goals. I lost 20 pounds during the shift. But most importantly, I learned that I could live perfectly happily without refined sugar and an occasional fast didn’t harm me. My eating habits have changed – I can do it! (With some help from my friends, like Sue)."

Patricia D.


Women's Whole-y Healing.  

Learn how to save money while cooking nutritious food and find joy in nurturing your mind, body, and soul!  


The retreat is now over; please join the waitlist using the form below.