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I help Christian women over 35
with motivation and methods to heal from autoimmune disease, disordered eating, and metabolic dysfunction without the struggle through online training, live coaching, and retreats.

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I have a no-nonsense, easy approach to help women know how to transform their body composition from fat to muscle,  change thier habits using real food, specific movement, Christian prayerful meditation, and mindfulness so they can become Whole-y Healed Women.

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What Our Clients Say

 Rose A

The services I received from Special Settings PT have changed my life (mind, body and soul). Having a healthcare professional make adjustments based on me and my body’s feedback is validating and motivates me to continue with self-care. I wouldn’t want to continue this journey with any other therapist than Sue Soha at Special Settings PT.

Maria C

Special Settings PT is amazingly therapeutic! I made an appointment because I wanted guidance on some GI issues and weight loss, and Sue was able to provide me with a diet geared to my needs. I enjoyed every aspect of her services. I love how Sue makes me feel very comfortable and is so informative as to how to best accomplish my goals

Patricia D

Sue’s Keto Shift was just what I needed to kick-start my long-term weight loss goals. I lost 20 pounds during the shift. But most importantly, I learned that I could live perfectly happily without refined sugar and an occasional fast didn’t harm me. My eating habits have changed – I can do it! (With some help from my friends, like Sue.)


Sue helped me heal from an eating disorder and seemed to intuitively meet me in my struggle with compassion and helped me to heal completely and helped me to enjoy food (and life) again for good!  She has had the courage, faith, and wherewithal to deeply heal herself and so deeply help those who have challenges of any sort; physical, emotional, or spiritual.  I am delighted for anyone who has a chance to work with her on their healing journey!