The Keto Shift FAQs

1. After I lose weight from the 8-week Keto Shift, will I have to sustain this specific diet and size portions long-term in order to keep losing weight?

Not at all. The Keto Shift is designed as a way to change the way you think about food but it does not limit you to the foods you will eat or the portions you will eat after the Shift is over. In fact, the course gives you plenty of variety of new foods to try as soon as the shift is over that you can start adding into your diet but still remain in Ketosis and lose weight!

The course material also covers other specific diet plans that you may want to try after the Shift is complete, such as Paleo and Auto-immune Protocol. You will find there is so much variety in what you can eat after the Shift and even have large portions that you are always satisfied with, but you will still continue to lose weight! Of course, you always will have the option to do another 8-week Shift in the future if you ever need a reset, as you will have mastered the skills and can keep all the materials you downloaded during your membership.

2. The Keto Shift seems simple enough for one person who lives alone to follow, but how can it work for a busy person who has to cook for their whole family?

The course materials specifically cover how to cook for not only yourself but also to make it work for your family to save time. You will learn how to add certain foods that your family is accustomed to eating to what you already made, but at the same time, they may become healthier as they see you model good food choices and see how great you look and feel after losing so much weight in just 8 weeks!

3. I heard that Keto is a “fad diet.” Will I learn how to transition to a long-term way of eating that isn’t so restrictive so I can go back to eating out or ordering food in that I don’t have to prepare myself to enjoy socializing and take a break from cooking?

Of course, you will! The Keto Shift materials include specific tips and tricks that teach you how to order at a restaurant and order delicious, whole, organic, unprocessed meals prepared for you that are delivered to your door for the same price as going out to Chick-fil-A to save you time!

4. What if I am allergic to certain foods that the Keto Shift includes, such as nuts and seeds?

Have no fear! The Keto Shift is designed to exclude most foods that people are known to be sensitive to or allergic to. If you are unable to eat nuts, seeds, or dairy, there are substitutions included in the course materials. The Keto Shift Meal plan is free of casein, all grains (including gluten), legumes (beans including soy), nightshades, fruit, and seafood. The course covers the difference between food sensitivities and allergies and how to discover them if you don’t already know you have any. The Keto Shift also can be adapted to substitute foods that you are known to be sensitive to or allergic to. Just let us know your needs in the question form, at the Launch Party, or on any of the Live Coaching calls and we will take care of you.

5. How do I ask a question in advance of the Live Coaching calls to make sure my question will be answered?

Please submit your weekly question through the form below.

6. What if I have trouble logging into the Coaching Calls or have technical difficulties?

We are here to help, just contact us at [email protected] and we will help you out right away.

7. Can I request a full refund after trying The Keto Shift if it doesn’t work for me?

Yes, all refund requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you have watched all the videos and have done the work to implement the plan for the first 4 weeks, but it is still not working for you, please contact [email protected].

8. How do I access the coaching call recordings if I miss one?

Coaching calls will be offered as a rule of thumb at 7:30 pm on two Tuesdays of each month, and you will be notified of the dates and time of the live coaching calls via the Whole-y Healed Community Portal.

Here is the link to join each time:

If you would like to view missed live sessions, click on the live coaching call button inside the portal for that da.

9. Is there a way for me to contact other people who are on the “Journey to Becoming Whole-y Healed”?

Yes, Once you become a member of the Private Online Whole-y Healed Community, you are encouraged to find your accountability partner inside the group. You can post, ask questions, and encourage others on the journey inside the community. There will be other wonderful women who are in their Keto Shift and who have completed their Shift to interact with during each step of your journey.

If you have purchased the one-year access, even after the 8-week course is over, you will be able to ask other members questions, learn from their experiences, and be encouraged by their successes as well.

10. What can I substitute if I don’t eat red meat at all, or I loathe broccoli?

You can substitute chicken and turkey for beef and other fibrous vegetables like spaghetti squash, spinach, asparagus, zucchini, and butternut squash for broccoli.

If you are vegan and unable to eat ANY of the following proteins: eggs, beef, chicken, or turkey, this is not the plan for you. You can substitute proteins with other animal proteins, but plant-based proteins like beans and grains have too many carbohydrates in them and you will not be able to achieve Ketosis while eating them.

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