Supportive Women

A community of mentoring and support for women learning to use food for fuel and healing of their body.

Are you ready to make changes to do what it takes to achieve a toned-healthy body?

Are you struggling with auto-immune disorders, food allergies or sensitivities?

Do you often feel hungry and angry because you can't figure out what to eat that will satisfy you without adding to that number on the scale?

Then the Whole-y Healed Community is the place for you.

As part of the Whole-y Healed Community you will:

  • Have access to an interactive private Christian community of women and a coach who will support you every step of the way in taking care of yourself.
  • Learn a step-by-step method for how to shift your mindset and actions over the 8-week Keto Shift course and beyond. 
  • Have accountability while you make shifts in nourishing yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. 
  • Have access to live  coaching calls
  • Be able to privately ask your coach questions and get answers throughout your journey. 
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Want to Know More?

If you have any questions about the Whole-y Healed Community or The Keto Shift, please schedule a free consultation with me below! I'll be happy to talk more about our offerings and answer any questions you may have.

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Enroll in The Whole-y Healed Membership and get access to the course and several additional benefits for a year (one-time and 5 monthly payment options available).

Whole-y Healed Monthly Membership


Benefits begin after the Keto Shift 8-Week Course is over until you cancel:

  • Continued access to The Keto Shift course with 80+ video lessons

  •  Continued accountability check-ins with your coach in the Question Hub

  •  Continued access to 6 weeks Keto Shift meal plans and shopping lists including substitute ingredients you don’t like, can’t have, or don’t want

  •  Continued access to the Dynamic Course Workbook with 8 Weeks of homework to keep you on track

  •  Continued access to The Lean in Less Time Workout program

  •  Continued access to the Private Community where you can ask questions with swift response time, find an accountability partner, and share wins

  •  Continued Live Group Coaching calls (Bi-monthly)

  •  A chance to win The Keto Shift's successful graduation gift contest

*If you purchased the 8-week course with a one-time payment, you will be auto-enrolled in the membership.  If you purchased the 8-week course in monthly payments, you can join anytime.  

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