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Do you feel frustrated, defeated, and hopeless…because you’ve been working out and eating what you think is “healthy”, but still have excess belly fat?  

Belly fat invades your inner organs, driving inflammation, which can cause joint pain brain fog, and skin breakouts (yes at our age!).  If you don’t want to starve yourself and walk 50,000 steps a day in order to turn things around, but you want to learn how to make a few easy tweaks to your habits and your diet, join me for the Whole-y Healed Community Virtual Retreat where you’ll find easy and low-cost ways to start losing that weight and feel great so you can:

  • Finally, see your body fat disappear and replace it with lean muscle.
  • Stop feeling confused about food and exercise choices
  • Become more energized and clear-headed
  • Learn meal plans and how to cook so you don’t have to “cut out everything you enjoy” (even if you have Common Food Allergies or Sensitivities) 

If you have excess belly fat, t’s not your fault.  You’ve just been following old habits and poor advice.  As we near or are in menopause our risk for heart disease, fatty liver disease, and insulin resistance can increase.  But if you want to nip this common problem in the bud once and for all… 

Join us on this retreat for women over 35 who want to change body composition (lose fat and gain muscle) in a healthy way and belong to a community of Christian women to practice the skills they learn to change their lifestyle to heal from auto-immune diseases, inflammation, metabolic dysfunction, and disordered eating. 

I will be leading the women on retreat to shop and cook for their three meals that day. 

There will be three top-notch speakers who will be inspirational and empowering to help you own your wellness, practice mindful eating, moving meditation, and contemplative prayer. 

This is the easy and simple way to start loving your body and creating a healthy relationship with it.  Yeah, you deserve it!  So sign up for the waitlist and get an Early Bird Discount for Registration!   It is going to be an AMAZING day!  

The Whole-y Healed Women's Retreat



  • Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

  •  Menu Prep and Cooking

  •  Mindful Eating

  •  Centering Prayer

  • SoulCore Class

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